Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knack Fab

  Ok, are you ready to be blown away?  Knack Fab is a custom, high-end furniture and decor company located in Winston-Salem, dedicated to making a difference.  I cannot say enough about Matt Jones, the owner and C.E.O. of Knack Fab.  He has a passion for helping others and sharing Jesus.  Truly, you see the heart of Jesus when you talk to Matt and even more when you see what he does with his time.  His company, Knack Fab, is a not for profit company that creates custom furniture and also gives time, money, and physical labor to end and better substandard living conditions.  Once his employees are paid, the rest of the profit in his business goes toward bettering the lives of others.

     This past year, Matt went to the Dominican Republic to build a community center and an orphanage.  He worked alongside local men and welded the roof for a multipurpose meeting space which will provide shelter from bad weather, a place for a growing church and host meals for 200 orphans regularly.  When you buy Knack Fab furniture, you are not just buying amazing pieces of art, you are partnering with the company and saying that it matters to you to reach out and better the lives of others.  Each piece of furniture bought means you are committing to help others in need.  I cannot imagine a better reason to buy furniture.


    Matt Jones was born in Mississippi and moved to North Carolina when he was nine years old.  He attended NC school of communication arts in Raleigh, where he studied computer design and digital animation.  He also attended Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida to study international missions.  I sent Matt a series of questions that are both light hearted and in depth.  I normally try to piece the answers into a summary about a person, but I feel like his answers are worth reading in his own words.  They are powerful and inspiring.

What inspired your business?
A lady named Charity Bowman. We visited her in Inverness, Scotland back in 2010 and she stretched my view and understanding of who God really is. There was this room in her house that she called the "good room". In the middle of the 10' ceiling in this room hung a beautiful circular chandelier that she had made herself from sea glass and driftwood from Loch Ness. There were multiple layers of glass hanging in a design of various lengths. She said the glass was a representation of our lives. We use to be a whole being but over the course of life you get busted, broken, and discarded. But once immersed in the Holy Spirit (represented by the water), our brokenness is smoothed out and we become his work of art.
       Charity said that God told her to make it circular and if she did, He would see it as a porthole and that he would fill it. The interesting thing is that I was very skeptical about her story behind the chandelier and actually thought she was a little bit nuts. But, once I sat in the "good room" for a bit I kind of felt like there might have been something to what she was telling us. Amber and I sat with her and had some prayer time in that room and the whole room got so thick with Gods presence I felt like I couldn't even stand up. All my cares and thought fell away and I found myself being able to fully feel Gods love and felt overwhelmingly light and happy.  He definitely filled that space and made me really want a "good room" in my own home.
   Now, I make furniture that is shipped all over the country and even twice out of the country and every single piece that leaves my shop I pray over. I ask God to anoint the piece and fill it with His presence. I don't care if the end client ever knows or even understands, but I expect my furniture to change the atmosphere in the homes they end up. That is the sole reason I make furniture, to give God a vessel to travel into homes and fill that home with his presence. Sounds kind of crazy to most people, but I have sat under a chandelier that changed my life and I expect that same life changing presence to travel around the nation with my furniture and change lives in the same manner one home at a time.

What is your favorite thing about your business?
The freedom and ability to ask God to teach me his creativity

Where have you travelled?
As far north as the Canadian border, far south as an oil rig way out in the gulf, east as Las Vegas. Out of the country: Scotland and the Dominican Republic.

Where is your most favorite place you have travelled and why?
Scotland, it's where God gave me a glimpse of the amount of love he feels for the random people of this world and the calling to help bring a drastic change to that country. It's such an amazing place filled with history and beauty. And a place that will once again find itself as the spiritual hub of the world.

Three words that describe you?
Creative, stubborn, OCD

Who is your hero?
Selby Frank McManus - most amazing man I ever had the honor of meeting.

How did you and your wife meet?
I was at a mutual friends house getting ready to watch a movie. They invited her over and I didn't know it. The doorbell rang and I was the closest to it so I opened the door and there she was in her fleece pajamas.

Ultimate last meal?
A cafe ole and a beignet from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

  Matt very generously donated three pieces of furniture to our auction.  The pictures are below.  Please go to our auction link and bid on some of his amazing furniture.  You will be taking part in a bigger cause and get a beautiful piece of furniture as a daily reminder.  Thank you Matt and the Knack Fab family!

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